“You’ve had such an impact on so many aspects of my life and the best way I can repay you is to try to approach life with an open mind and increasingly open heart.”

We are not…

just another 12-step program that kicks you out when you use, pushes pills or makes false promises.

We are…

Scientific – Some things just work better. Sure, 12-step helps some and we’ll encourage you to try. But it’s not sufficient treatment and many people don’t benefit; in fact, many leave feeling like lousy failures. Treatment follows careful diagnosis and the individualized application of evidence based strategies, kindly.
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Cutting Edge – A lot more is known now, and every day brings more research and consensus, as well as a lot of heresy and rubbish on the internet, on TV or even, may I be so bold, in the professional office. It’s a good thing we know what we’re talking about. We stay current, read the latest, are part of an expert community and apply all this to you.

Customized – There are many paths to Recovery and you have a busy life. We’ll lay out the options and let’s see what suits you for now.

Patient – Recovery takes time and effort. We don’t do rapid detoxes, or see you once a month for a script when you need more help, or sweep in with dramatic interventions. We are just seriously thoughtfully good.

Flexible – You’re the expert on your values and goals. We need to make the treatment work for you. Dr. Green wrote an article on Shared Decision Making.
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Gradualistic and Harm Reduction – Is it ever effective to tell someone what they ‘should’ do? While abstinence is right for some, others can learn to moderate. Either way, everyone has to come to their own decision about this and no one needs to reach rock bottom. Our goal is your well being, so we teach moderation management, harm reduction techniques including the use of naloxone, safer injecting practices. As long as you are safe, we can talk.
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Respectful – Why would you take our advice if you didn’t think we listened and were on your side?

Therapeutically Ambitious – We go deep with you, push you, because we know transformation is possible. We could stop at decreased drug use, or improved depression, we want change to last, so that you won’t need us in the future!
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Integrative – Medications can facilitate change but are insufficient without therapy and action. We’ll work with you on diet, sleep and exercise and meditation.