Mark GreenMark Green, MD

“It is such a relief to find a Doctor who actually listens to me, and understands exactly how I felt. For so long, I’ve felt frustrated, starting different medicines, feeling rushed in and out. It is wonderful to be making some real progress in my life at last.”

Mark graduated (UK version of) summa cum laude in neurobiology and then completed his medical degree at University College London. He knows an awful lot of medicine – general, sleep, pain, neurology and other areas. He came over to NYC for his Psychiatry residency then and Addictions fellowship (Payne Whitney Clinic, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center), and later conducted research in the neurobiology of addictions at Rockefeller University. He’s been on Faculty at Cornell (Asst. Prof), Vermont (Asst. Prof), and Harvard (Instructor) Medical Schools. He is dually boarded by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both general psychiatry and addictions.

Since graduating in 1999, Mark has set up & run addiction treatment programs (NYC, Vermont), directed supreme evidence-based dual disorders programs, overhauled national addictions and pain programs (Kaiser Permanente, Colorado) and treated thousands of patients.

Mark is an expert psychotherapist. He is trained in many modalities: psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, motivational, hypnosis, and others. He’s currently receiving training in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. Dr. Green’s therapy approach is relational, pragmatic, structured, direct, and emotionally vivid.

He is an expert psychopharmacologist, remaining cutting edge without taking undue risks with you, using what’s tried and tested, and imaginatively minimizing side effects. He often helps people get off med cocktails they’ve been stuck on for years. He sees medications as facilitating psychotherapeutic change.

He has written some articles in neurobiology, psychiatry and addictions, and lectured at major conferences nationwide.

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Drew WelchDrew Welch, RN

He’s the best nurse I ever worked with. We worked together for 6 years at WestBridge and I am really lucky he agreed to work with me at PsychGarden. He’s thorough, conscientious, caring, humble, courageous, honest and wicked smart.

Drew Welch is a licensed registered nurse & therapist with over 20 years of experience working with individuals with co-occurring disorders as well as their families. He has extensive training in evidence based practices including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapies, family therapy, vocational rehabilitation and integrated dual disorders treatment and has super- vised and taught others these skills.

Drew was at WestBridge Community Services for 7 years as their nurse care manager, team leader and national wellness coordinator. Prior to that he was the Nurse Manager for the Co-occurring Disorders Unit at Bournewood Hospital.

Drew has more than 20 years of sobriety. He understands how impossible recovery can seem and that no single path works for all. He knows the importance of education, support and hope. These days he uses all his training, experience and passion to help others feel freer, prouder and more connected. Sometimes 12 step approaches help, sometimes CBT, sometimes a focus on exercise and diet (Drew recently completed his first triathlon). Side-by-side coaching can be invaluable to re- build the self-confidence withered by addictions and psychiatric illness; so he’ll do that too.

Valerie PhotosValerie Photos, PhD

Valerie received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Harvard University. She was a member of the Laboratory for Developmental and Clinical Research under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Nock. She completed a post-doctoral Fellowship in Personality Disorders at the Gunderson Residence of McLean Hospital. She has received numerous awards, including the Sackler Fellowship in Psychobiology and the Karen Stone Fellowship, both for research on self-harming thoughts and behaviors. Dr. Photos received further training at McLean Hospital, the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and Two Brattle Center, completed DBT training through Behavioral Tech and has been trained in Mentalization Based Treatment by Drs. Fonagy and Bateman. Her work before Psychgarden was all at McLean: 3East and the Gunderson Residences, and continues as Co-Administrator of the Mentalization Clinic there.

Jen HaworthJen Haworth, PsyD

Jen received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology, with a specialization in Health Psychology, from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. (now William James College). Her interest in transformational life experiences and resilience inspired her doctoral research, which explored factors influencing the development of Posttraumatic Growth in women diagnosed with breast cancer. She also has extensive experience at the McLean Hospital’s OCDI, where she conducted many thorough exposure treatments; and at Boston Behavioral Medicine where she received training in integrative psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis and biofeedback techniques. Jen completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Addictions Psychology at McLean Hospital and worked at a residential program for substance use disorders with dual-diagnosis.

Kerri KuklentzKerri Kuklentz, MS CRC CPRP, NASM-CPT

Case Manager/ Fitness Coach/ Rehabilitation Specialist
Kerri has more than 10 years experience as a case manager for persons with mental health challenges and addictions. We worked together for many and she was incredibly warm, supportive, inspirational and effective, helping people identify core values, get back to accomplishing, living fully through work, education, social connection and healthy living. Then she left to be a personal trainer and a mom for several years and now we are lucky to work with her again, with these added skills and perspectives. She believes exercise is a key path to building self-esteem, gaining acceptance with one’s body and feelings, and attaining balance in life.

Camillia JoyCamillia Joy

Camillia is the office manager for our practice. She grew up in Idaho with a love for dance, soccer and skiing. After graduating from The Thacher School in Ojai, CA she moved to Portland, OR where she spent 15 years enjoying the city’s eclectic culture and local music scene. In 2008 she and her husband relocated to the Boston area to be closer to family as they started a family of their own. Aside from spending time with her daughter, Camillia enjoys being an active member in the community and manages a large listserv for families in her town. Her compassion and warm personality are a perfect fit with our providers and the desire to make every client at Psych Garden feel welcome.


Miles received his initial training on a farm in rural OK before an internship in Belmont and further training at the Psych Garden. We are honored that he has chosen to continue his studies with us and contribute his warmth, gentleness and insights. He is a hypoallergenic poodle-cavalier mix. Like our other staff, he doesn’t bark or bite.