“Stopping was a scary prospect but I couldn’t imagine going inpatient. You took your time and we felt very taken care of. We appreciated that you were so straight-forward with us and explained what I’d feel…It wasn’t easy but it got me off to the right start.”

We listen to your goals and preferences, understanding that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want some change, using science and gentle understanding to help you feel better, live longer and feel in charge.

We commonly work with:

  • Opiate addiction, suboxone (buprenorphine) and vivitrol (naltrexone) treatment
  • Problem drinking and alcoholism
  • Sedative dependence and withdrawal
  • Cocaine, amphetamine and nicotine addictions
  • “Process” addictions like gambling and sex

We offer:

  • Home Detox from opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines without an expensive and distressing hospitalization
  • Specialist pharmacological treatment of addiction
  • Vivitrol – The Facts About Naltrexone
  • Suboxone and other buprenorphine treatments –Pros And Cons Chart
  • Drug Testing: Urine saliva or hair toxicology testing
  • Therapy that is evidence based, effective and delivered with clarity and kindness.
  • Harm Reduction and Moderation Management approaches
  • The “Sinclair Method”