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Article Summary: “Can Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder Achieve and Sustain Non-Abstinent Recovery? Non- Abstinent Outcomes 10 Years After Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment”

For many years, people who suffered from alcoholism would be pushed to abstinence because it was synonymous with “recovery.” This was intertwined with AA’s view of alcoholics having something of an allergy to alcohol, counting sober days from zero every time there was a slip, and a one-fits-all approach to treatment in the absence of [...]
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Article Summary: “Anterior hippocampal volume predicts affect-focused psychotherapy outcome”

At Psych Garden, we are constantly reading research, learning what new discoveries could help our patients, and questioning our assumptions. We thought it would be nice to share some of our learning every now and again. This paper is neat because it addresses a BIG question: what kind of therapy works for whom? There are [...]
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Addressing Kids’ Drug and Alcohol Use: A Parent’s Guide

Addressing Kids’ Drug and Alcohol Use: A Parent’s Guide How are we supposed to guide our kids when pot is legal, we drink, psychedelics are touted as medicine, and some prescribed medicines are highly addictive? I regularly advise parents in this predicament and I am also a father of 3 boys so I’m right there [...]
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