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What is Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy?

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, or ISTDP, is a revolutionary approach to psychotherapy that offers rapid relief from suffering, abatement of symptoms, and a comprehensive understanding of the self. Oftentimes we hear former patients talk about the deep sense of meaning, freedom, and purpose they now have in their lives after removing the chains of psychological [...]
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Intranasal Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression

What is Ketamine? Ketamine is in a category of medications called dissociative anesthetics. It has been used since 1970 by anesthesiologists to help keep patients, usually children, asleep and free of pain in surgery. More recently, however, it was discovered that depressed patients who were given ketamine during surgery would find their depression symptoms rapidly [...]
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Addressing Kids’ Drug and Alcohol Use: A Parent’s Guide

Addressing Kids’ Drug and Alcohol Use: A Parent’s Guide How are we supposed to guide our kids when pot is legal, we drink, psychedelics are touted as medicine, and some prescribed medicines are highly addictive? I regularly advise parents in this predicament and I am also a father of 3 boys so I’m right there [...]
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