“When no one else could, you gained Mike’s trust and respect. When no one else would, you invited me – as Mike’s mother – to be a part of the wellness process. You honored each of us and recognized the separate struggles we were each experiencing; in doing so, you gave each of us hope and the strength necessary to address our challenges.”

A key predictor of success or failure. While people want to be helpful, they’re often not. Addiction treatment’s not rocket science: we can train family and friends too.

Utilizing evidence-based approaches including CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach – Family Therapy) and Family Education & Support, concerned others will learn specific researched skills and be better able to engage, motivate and survive over the long-haul. This gentle but directed approach is very different than the typical confrontational intervention (which does not work well) and is also different from Al-Anon because it’s more than support and believes that we CAN change things.


Couples Therapy: We have specific training in a few models, chiefly EFT. While we get things started, especially when addictions are active, we often refer to experts in the community that do this all the time.