Our Approach to Therapy for Couples

"I just want to say my family and I are extremely grateful to you. My wife always says if we’d just moved to Boston for you, it would be worth it. I agree. Keep up your great work."

Boston Client Testimonial for Couples Therapy

What is couples

At Psych Garden, the Couples Therapy we primarily use is EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) an empirically based model that has been shown to have recovery rates that are higher than any other forms of therapy for couples wanting to improve their relationships.

EFT is a combination of humanistic, family systems, experiential, and attachment theories. It provides you with a clear map and rationale for what is happening when you and your partner get disconnected or escalate into conflict.

Does couples therapy work?

EFT goes beyond merely improving communication skills and will help you understand what is happening when you get disconnected from one another as well as how to help shift the negative pattern you get into so fast. Core emotions, including vulnerability, aloneness and hopelessness, often underlie the anger or shutting down that couples experience. Through structured therapy steps, we help you attend to these feelings so that deep repair and restoration of trust can occur.

Amend Connections

A loving connection improves wound healing, immune function, pain tolerance and outcomes for psychiatry and addictions.

73% of Couples Report Recovery

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the most effective couples treatment, helping 70-73% feel aligned, and restoring a sense of love.

CRAFT May be Necessary

For highly escalated couples, wounded by years of illness or discord, unilateral CRAFT may be needed before deep empathic healing can occur.

Key Components of Couples Therapy

After a few months of couples therapy, clients come away with tools that empower them and makes them capable of nurturing their relationship.

  • Ensuring safety from aggression, violence and betrayal where healing has a chance.
  • De-escalating conflict and setting a contract. If this cannot be done then individual work, psycho-education, or communication skills may be needed.
  • Clarifying cycles of avoidance and ineffective communication so that underlying causes can be addressed.
  • Facilitating expression of vulnerability and hurt, without fear of becoming re-traumatized, allowing repair.
  • Elaborating phases of flourishing of connection and care alongside processing of traumatic failures of the relationship, permitting forgiveness.
  • Restoring rituals and communication of healthy collaboration and play in place of criticism, abandonment and aloneness.

Couples Therapy vs Marriage Counseling

Couples therapy ring

People often wonder about the difference between marriage counseling and couples therapy. In fact all marriages are couples where all couples are not married; indeed at Psych Garden we celebrate that couples come in all forms and as humans everyone is seeking the same connection and wish to communicate effectively with the person they love the most.

Marriage counseling is often associated with talking out differences with one who is a mediator and considered an expert on marriage who teaches communication skills and other ways of behaving that benefit the relationship.

Couples therapy and EFT specifically affords the opportunity to work with a therapist who is more a process consultant providing a trusting and safe environment necessary to explore the distressing challenges couples experience and teaches them how to repair in a manner that fosters longed for intimacy.