Couples Therapy at Psych Garden

"I just want to say my family and I are extremely grateful to you. My wife always says if we’d just moved to Boston for you, it would be worth it. I agree. Keep up your great work."

Boston Client Testimonial for Couples Therapy

We primarily use EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) an empirically based model that has been shown to have recovery rates that are higher than any other forms of therapy for couples wanting to improve their relationships.

EFT is a combination of humanistic, family systems, experiential, and attachment theories. It provides you with a clear map and rationale for what is happening when you and your partner get disconnected or escalate into conflict.

We are lucky to have Danielle Green LICSW oversee our program. She is a nationally respected teacher and supervisor of this approach, with 20 years experience.

How couples therapy works

We identify the processes, the patterns of interactions, underneath the destructive and painful cycles. People are just trying to connect, to feel secure. Some partners withdraw, others pursue and a destructive cycle can deepen.

Core emotions, including vulnerability, aloneness and hopelessness, often underlie the anger or shutting down that couples experience. Through structured therapy steps, we help you attend to these feelings so that deep repair and restoration of trust can occur.

Amend Connections

A loving connection improves wound healing, immune function, pain tolerance and outcomes for psychiatry and addictions.

73% of Couples Report Recovery

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the most effective couples treatment, helping 70-73% feel aligned, and restoring a sense of love.

CRAFT May be Necessary

For highly escalated couples, wounded by years of illness or discord, unilateral CRAFT may be needed before deep empathic healing can occur.