How are you different from the other programs?

  1. We provide a much more individualized level of service, choosing groups, family work or type of therapy or medication choices based on a thorough evaluation and discussion with you about what makes sense and what you can do right now.
  2. We are very skilled at incorporating the family and close supports, knowing they make all the difference.
  3. Our clinicians have far more training – both prior to coming and during their employment – than typical for addictions specialists.
  4. We are harm reduction oriented rather than abstinent insistent. Thus, we pitch our intervention to your stage of change, emotional readiness, and goals. This is very flexible, as opposed to one-fits-all.
  5. We are much more collaborative than other teams so that treatment is rapidly responding to any changes or needs. We meet daily in rounds to discuss patients.
  6. We work both on internal resilience and external context. Internal resilience can be improved by various psychotherapies. But the external situation – family, friends, work, budgeting, schoolwork, etc. profoundly influence outcome.
  7. We address your stress vulnerability from all angles so we help you with exercise, nutrition, sleep, and offer mindfulness meditation. Our help may be best delivered ‘in the field’ eg at a gym or grocery store.
  8. Our doctors are very very good – at expert psychopharmacology, addictions sub-specialty medicines and general medical issues that impact stress resilience.
  9. We aim to transform, not just stabilize things. This means working with experiential and emotionally focused models rather than only cognitive or behavioral models. This provides long-term personality change and a dramatically reduced risk of relapse.
  10. We have a cute dog.