Psych Garden Fees and Payment Policies

This document is intended to provide clear and comprehensive information outlining Psych Garden’s fees and policies around payment for services rendered. Please review this document closely and bring any questions or concerns to either our Office Administrator prior to your Initial Evaluation and/or your Therapist. 

IMPORTANT: Patients wanting medication management at Psych Garden are required to be in regular therapy with one of the clinic’s therapists. The consistency of these appointments is based on what makes best clinical sense. 

The Initial Evaluation is generally performed by a Therapist. When medications are needed, recommended, or the psychiatric input is warranted for a fuller perspective, an Initial Psychiatric Evaluation will be scheduled. 

Session Rates: 


75-minute Initial Evaluation- $650

60-minute session- $500

45-minute session- $400

30-minute Medication Management session- $300

15-minute session- $200

75-90-minute one-time consultation- $625-$750

Consultation for medical or nursing boards, legal review and preparation, etc- $2,500 retainer



75-minute Initial Evaluation- $350

60-minute session- $275 

45-minute session- $250


Therapists and Registered Nurse:

75-minute Initial Evaluation- $325

60-minute session- $250

45-minute session- $225

Medication Administration, including giving injections, processing orders and delivery coordination- $225


Couples Therapy Initial Evaluation:

90-minute couples evaluation- $375


**Please Note: Drew Welch, RN is not reimbursable through most insurance plans.


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Rates: 

75-minute Initial Evaluation- $650 

60-minute KAP Integration Session- $300 

60-minute KAP Preparation Session- $300 

3 hour KAP Treatment Session- $1,200 

Case Management Rates: 

Kerri Kuklentz, Case Manager 

$150 per hour including travel time. Services are prorated to the Case Manager’s hourly rate


**Please Note: Case Management Services are not reimbursable through any insurance provider

**Please Note: Out-of-Session Work is prorated to the provider’s hourly session rate. Time spent over 5 minutes will be billed. 

Examples of Out-of-Session Work include: Communicating with patients or family members via phone or email, communicating with outside providers via phone or email, 

preparation, dispatch and review of urine toxicology tests, report preparation, travel time to and from case management appointments.


Psych Garden and its providers are “fee for service providers.” This means we do not accept insurance or submit claims on behalf of our patients. Through your Patient Portal, you will receive a monthly Superbill, which is a breakdown of services rendered that you can submit to your insurance company to possibly obtain partial or full reimbursement. However, every carrier is different – If your ability to receive services at Psych Garden is contingent on insurance reimbursement, please contact your insurance provider to verify benefits prior to any appointments.


We require an active credit card on file at all times for payment of services. Payment is processed each week for the previous week’s appointments. On occasion payment may be processed earlier or later due to staff scheduling, holidays or end of month. You can update your payment information on the Patient Portal or by calling our Office Administrator and providing them with the necessary information.



In the case of overdue accounts, we will make every effort to reach you and/or your guarantor prior to the balance reaching $1,000. When an overdue balance reaches $1,000, treatment may be paused until the overdue balance has been paid. When multiple attempts at outreach fail, a final letter outlining outreach attempts made and final date for collection is sent to the email and home addresses we have on file. When the final date for collection is reached without resolution, your account will be sent to our collection agency for follow-up. Sending an account to collections can have a negative impact on one’s credit report. 

Guarantor Rights: 

If services are being paid for by someone other than the patient, the payor/ guarantor is allowed by law, to receive and discuss information related to billing, including appointment dates or any information necessary to submit claims to insurance. Monthly billing statements are sent to patient portals. The patient is able to login to their portal and download statements to be used and shared with the guarantor. This statement will include the patient’s diagnosis and all services received, including “No Show” appointments. 

Cancellation and No Show Policy: 

Cancellations with less than 48 business hours notice, or No Show appointments will be billed at the full session fee unless: 

1) We can fill your appointment with another client. We will make every effort to fill the time, and if we are able to, you will not be charged. 

2) Inclement weather prevents you and/or your provider from making it to the office safely. If this happens, a video or phone session will be scheduled if possible. 

By signing below you are indicating that you have read and understand the above fees and payment policies for Psych Garden and our clinicians. Your signature below is an acknowledgement and agreement to adhere to the above policies. 



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