All new patients must have an initial evaluation, and this must be prepaid. We may suggest an initial meeting with both the therapist and physician if that’s warranted (eg if medications are needed imminently). These are priced at $650 or $700 depending on which staff do it.

Mark Green MD
$450 for 60 minute session
$350 for 45 minute session
$275 for 30 minute medication management session
Consultations for medical or nursing boards, legal review and preparation, etc. require a retainer of $1500.

Nicholas Barnes MD
$350 for 60 minute session
$275 for 45 minute session
$225 for 30 minute medication management session.

Other therapists:
$225 for 60 minute session
$200 for 45 minute session
$200 for medication administration by RN only (includes processing orders of medication and delivery coordination).

Case Management:
$125 per hour

*Out-of-Session work is pro-rated to the provider’s hourly session rate. Time spent over 5 minutes will be billed. Examples include: communicating with family members via phone or email, communicating with outside providers via phone or email, preparation, dispatch and review of urine toxicology tests, report preparation, transport to and from case management appointments.

Payment and Insurance:

Psych Garden and its providers are “fee for service providers.” Meaning, we do not accept insurance or submit claims on behalf of its patients. If you have a PPO or POS plan you will likely be reimbursed some portion after you reach your deductible. However, every carrier is different – please contact your provider to verify benefits prior to any appointments.

We require a credit card on file for payment of services. Payment is processed each week for the previous week’s appointments. On occasion payment may be processed earlier or later due to staff scheduling, holidays or end of month. We send out statements at the beginning of each month showing all charges and payments for the previous month. This statement will have all the necessary information needed to submit an insurance claim.

Cancellation and No Show Policy:

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, or No Show appointments will be billed at the full session fee unless: 1) We can fill your appointment with another client. We will make every effort to fill the time, and if we are able to, you will receive a credit or refund. 2) Belmont has a snow day. We will leave a message on our phone system stating whether or not the office is open. If the office is open and you are able to make it to your appointment safely, we will see you. If the office is open and you are unable to make it safely, you will not be charged.