Group Therapies

Bounce Back

A Skills-based group for survivors of trauma

Open to anyone over 18 years old who is striving to overcome symptoms related to post-traumatic stress, group members will primarily focus on: Learning more about post-traumatic stress, how it works and why it happens. Learning tools to increase safety and lessen the negative impact of stress, including self-care, healthy choices and feeling secure in our emotions. Practicing creative ways to reclaim parts of self from our experiences. Connecting with others with similar lived-experiences. This is not a trauma -processing group. The primary focus will be on stress reduction, coping and connection. Group members are asked to commit to the full 12-weeks to support consistency and cohesion.

$100 per session

Family & Friends Group

Improve outcomes for your loved one with addictions by changing how YOU respond

This 8-week group will teach you how to work effectively with the person who’s addicted. You can start at any point in the cycle, or take it more than once. We also offer this in individual coaching format. Utilizing evidence-based approaches including CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach – Family Therapy) and Family Education & Support, concerned others will learn specific researched skills and be better able to engage, motivate and survive over the long-haul. This gentle but directed approach is very different than the typical confrontational intervention (which does not work well) and is also different from Al-Anon because it’s more than support and believes that we CAN change things.

$75 for 1 family member, $100 for 2 or more

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Learn practical skills to manage emotions, impulsivity and relationships

There are 4 main skill areas taught in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Mindfulness.We will learn when and how to apply these strategies in a balanced way. Participants will focus on a positive and effective path, and in group will hear many examples of these skills applied in real life situations. Upward spirals begin a few skills at a time. DBT skills groups have now been shown to be helpful to people receiving other forms of individual therapy and has been shown to be helpful to people with many types of concerns that include an emotional or behavioral aspect.

$125 per session

On the Other Hand…

A Harm Reduction Process Group

This is not AA or SMART. We are not demanding abstinence. Instead of assuming what’s right, we look at your personal goals and values and see how we can help move you towards any positive change. We’ll assess harm, learn to sit with ambivalence rather than responding impulsively, and decide our own ideal use plan. We will explore how risk-taking, including with drug and alcohol use, is triggered by emotions and life circumstances. Common themes include emotion management, relationships, effective communication, and learning a variety of skills and strategies for making positive behavior change including mindfulness, urge surfing, and pre-planning. Support, accountability, education, respect and change.

$100 per session

Men’s IFS Group

Men learning together how to integrate anger and gentleness, autonomy and connection.

What if navigating your heart, mind and behavior, including addictions, anger, depression, anxieties, fears, goals, conflicting thoughts, relationships were as easy as using your smart phone? Internal Family Systems (IFS), is an evidence based form of psychotherapy that has helped our clients do just that, and much more. Percy Ballard, MD is a Level 3 IFS Trained Psychotherapist, and Harvard-Trained Board Certified Psychiatrist, who will be guiding a group of men as they learn to use the tools of IFS to improve their health, relationships, and lives and deepen into a more Self-Led expression of masculinity. Who: Adults 18 or Older Identifying as Male, including but not limited to clients with addictions and clients at Psych Garden.

$100 per session

Applied Mindfulness

Control, focus and acceptance for a calmer life

Do you spend your days operating on “auto-pilot”? Could you live more in the moment instead of worrying about the future and dwelling in the past? What’s happening inside you before you crave or use? Can you sit with emotions and thoughts without action? This group will teach you ways to press pause on your thoughts, increase your awareness of thoughts and emotions, develop greater self-compassion, access your inner wisdom, and incorporate a mindfulness practice into everyday life. Each group will begin with a guided experiential mindfulness activity, followed by practical mindfulness skills training derived from evidence-based therapies such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

$75 per session