Group Therapies

The Family Vine

Support for families living with addiction.

Addiction is often described as ‘a family disease’ – one that has the power to consume and fracture a family unit.  Learning to support ourselves and our loved ones effectively through an experience like this is hard!  There is a lot to share and a lot to learn.  Exploring together helps so much.  Learning is faster, and the credibility of others living and coping is compelling.  We, as therapists, find the experience very powerful.  This bi-weekly support group will offer families and friends of addicted individuals a safe venue in which to share anything and everything that is relevant to their experience.  The group will be facilitated by Joshua Bennett-Johnson, LADC-II.  Joshua is a licensed addiction counselor in the Greater Boston Area, and has been working with individuals and families in the field of alcohol and substance use treatment since 2012.  He will be on-hand as a group leader in order to provide expertise and professional insight within the discussion.

Suggested Donation: $20

Meeting Personal Goals with Drugs and Alcohol

Whether abstinence or moderation is your goal, there are practical ways to get there.

  • Be clear on your valued goals, and how substances fit in.
  • Learn from success and failures.
  • Learn about how the pharmacology of the drugs and neuroscience of addiction are manifesting in decision making, feelings, sleep, focus and other areas.
  • Establish personal use goals that feel right for you right now.
  • Discover the things that challenge you – emotions, planning, and associative cues.
  • Learn how to stick to your plan.
  • Learn ways to monitor your progress.
  • Practice sharing your plan with family and friends.
  • Manage harm in the event that things go awry.
  • Amend the plan according to results and feedback.

Be accountable and learn together.  This group will provide a flexible curriculum of education, skill-learning and support.  Participants will be encouraged to share their use, goals, and progress.

$50 per session


In this group we will explore what it means to be mindful and develop a practice of mindfulness. Group members will learn about what mindfulness is, the benefits, and how to practice it everyday life. Through a practice of focusing our mind and attention on our experience (our thoughts, emotions, sensations) we can more deeply experience the present and be less distracted by worry about the future or regrets of the past, and learn to surf difficulturges or emotions with compassion.  This group will support group members in addictions recovery work, managing emotions, thoughts, stress and anxiety, and developing a practice of meditation. Life can feel better and more intentional.

$50 per session