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We are very aware of the need for affordable mental health treatment in the Boston area and have developed a model that offers affordable choices.

All services performed by Dr Green are at our standard rate. However, the fee for our other excellent clinicians cost less depending on his or her expertise and experience. All of our clinicians are supervised by Dr. Green and are selected for their talent, training and expertise.

Please contact us so we can describe in detail the options available. We can do a free brief evaluation over the phone and think about the best way to proceed.

Mark Green, MD charges $400 per 60 mins

Drew Welch, RN and Jennifer Haworth, PsyD charge $225 per 60 mins ($200 for 45)

Valerie Photos, PhD charges $225 per 60 mins ($200 for 45)

Initial Evaluations are $650. They take 90 minutes face-to-face (for comprehensive diagnostic interview and presentation of options and decision on a treatment plan) plus extra time for a prior review of clinical information and extensive collaboration with other past or present providers.


The CRAFT group is $75 for one person and $100 for two.
The DBT group is $100.
After one session, we ask that you pay for 4, so that the group has cohesion.


  • All POS or PPO plans are accepted Have a look at your insurance card and see if ‘PPO’ or ‘POS’ is written on it. This is ‘out of network’ coverage and your insurance will reimburse some percentage (usually 70-80%), after you have reached your deductible.
  • If you have an HMO: Sorry, your insurance will not reimburse for my services.
  • Our experienced and helpful administrative staff will send you a paid-in-full invoice at the end of the month, so you can submit it to insurance for reimbursement and can assist with that process.
  • It is often helpful to call your insurance company and ask them what your out-of-network coverage is. The codes we tend to bill include 90792 for the initial evaluation,99212 + 90836 for psychotherapy, and 99213 + 90833 for psychopharmacology if your practitioner is an MD. If your clinician is a RN, PhD or LICSW then the codes used are 90791 for the initial evaluation and 90832, 90834, or 90837 for psychotherapy.

Hidden Extras, Cancellation + Other Bits & Pieces

  • Initial Evaluations are prepaid at time of booking. I do this as I have too many no-shows.
  • We ask for your credit card details. They will be stored in a super-encrypted form which we can’t read. Each morning of your session they will be billed.
  • Further collaboration with your other therapists, family and doctors is really important. But if it’s a lot then we charge a fee for it, at our normal rate.
  • Phone calls with you over 5 mins are charged too.
  • Consultations for medical or nursing boards, legal review and preparation, etc are charged at a rate of $400/ hr.
  • We accept all credit cards, cash, checks.
  • Once an appointment time is agreed upon, you will be responsible for payment for the requested visit. If you cancel or miss your appointment you will be charged. If you can tell us in advance, we can often fill the time. In this case, you will not be charged, of course.
  • Collections: After 30 days, we will contact you or your financially responsible party to discuss payment options. After 60 days, your account may be submitted to a collections agency, and the relationship may be terminated.

Winter Storm Emergencies

  • Can’t fight nature. If there’s a storm then we don’t expect you to come – and don’t want you risking it! We won’t hold you to the 24 hr cancellation rule.
  • We’ll follow the Belmont Schools closure policy – if they are open we’ll be.
  • Call in the morning and there will be a message on the phone telling you whether we are open or not.
  • Tell us, by phone or email if you are canceling.
  • We will try to do skype or phone sessions if possible or needed. Suboxone etc. can be called in to the local pharmacies in such conditions.