"I was nervous about medication, but you respected that, and made me very comfortable with the options. Throughout my treatment, you were clear and reassuring and were always attentive to what I wanted to do. That made all the difference."

Client from Boston for Psychopharmacology Treatment

Psychopharmacology treatment

Effective Psychopharmacology

We are deeply trained, thorough, and think outside the box.

We won’t leave you languishing on useless interventions but will set clear outcome goals and monitor them, changing strategies until you are thriving. As prior treatments may have done more harm and good, we often take medications away rather than add.

We take a detailed and nuanced history and all our recommendations are tailored for you – your personality, experience, values, and goals.

We use:

  • the latest science and oldest art of pharmacology. Not just the latest thing but approaches neglected and forgotten
  • ketamine for treatment resistant disorders and transformational therapies
  • genotyping to determine metabolic and response idiosyncrasies
  • nutritional and other supplements as adjuncts to contemporary pharmacology
  • medication assisted treatments including suboxone, vivitrol, low dose naltrexone, antabuse, baclofen, topirimate and many others
  • Complementary and non-traditional approaches

Effectiveness of Psychopharmacology Treatment

50% of People

Only 50% of people with depression respond to the first antidepressant, while some 40% will get significant side effects.

Don’t leave it to chance.

5 to 8X more Effective

Opiate replacement therapies are 5-8 times more effective than medication-free approaches.

Use science, not hunch.

2X the Response Rate

Combining medications and therapy will double response rates for people with severe depression and anxiety.

There’s no simple fix for complex issues.

For Psychiatry

Expect careful, collaborative, thoughtful approaches: sometimes conservative, sometimes out of the box, always making sense to you.

Psych Garden has specialized in many areas and is expert in:
• Anxiety including OCD, panic, social anxiety and PTSD
• Mood disorders including bipolar disorder and depression
• Psychotic Disorders including schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders
• Cognitive Issues including ADHD

For Addictions

We will help you pick medicines that can reduce cravings, relapse, withdrawal, insomnia, anxiety and more without increasing your risks. While it’s possible to use abstinence-based treatment, that choice should flow from deep knowledge of risks and benefits rather than dogma.

Opiate replacement by buprenorphine (e.g. Suboxone) or methadone is far more successful than abstinence- or naltrexone-based approaches such as Vivitrol.

Therapy is crucial and without it you’ll relapse, so we insist on it – with us or with someone we trust. We offer individual and group therapy in 3 recovery phases and balance the need to get back to life with the need to learn how to live safely and without relapse.

Read about our perspective on Suboxone.