Ketamine Program

Benefits of Intranasal Ketamine

  • It is fast acting. It can significantly improve depressive symptoms within the first 24 hours.
  • Low risk for dependence or misuse.
  • When given as a nasal spray (intranasal), it is much easier to administer than intravenous Ketamine.

Many antidepressants don’t work well enough. People may have cycled through multiple medication trials, getting side effects like impotence, weight gain, and withdrawal but not significant sustained relief from misery.

Ketamine is a new option for treatment-resistant depression. It is an anesthetic agent, and while it is not FDA approved for the treatment of depression, numerous studies have shown it to be a powerful intervention for suicidal depression at doses far below those used for surgery.

Most places offer only intravenous treatment. Psych Garden offers intranasal ketamine at a fraction of the cost.

While most treatment research has involved intravenous form, intranasal may be a useful and cost-effective option to try. Results can be judged within a week. Some people may need a referral to a program that offers intravenous administration if intranasal fails.

Our Ketamine Program involves a comprehensive approach that targets Treatment-Resistant Depression. We tailor the program to each individual using psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, because we understand that all situations are unique.