Our Approach to Emerging Adult Therapy

When no one else could, you gained Mike’s trust and respect. When no one else would, you invited me – as Mike’s mother – to be a part of the wellness process. You honored each of us and recognized the separate struggles we were each experiencing; in doing so, you gave each of us hope and the strength necessary to address our challenges.

Client from Boston for Family Therapy

What is Young Adult

As parents of young adults, relating to our children can be confusing. We don’t want to enable our children to stay stuck at this point in their lives, yet we don’t want to control them either. It often seems there is no right way to help them.

At Psych Garden we not only know exactly how to help young adults in these situations, but we know how to involve the family in such a way that supports your relationship with them. We can provide guidance on how to find that comfortable distance where safety and support can be provided but freedom and self-motivation can be encouraged. You can rest in the confidence that a skilled team is working closely with your child, guiding them to safely find their own motivation, direction, experience and self-reliance.

What are the Benefits of Young Adult Therapy?

Psych Garden understands the developmental context of emerging adulthood, including the neurobiological, psychological, and social sensitivities. We keep clients on track in their lives with the minimal disruption possible, and teach them coping skills alongside therapies that can help them discover their strengths and differentiate and handle emotions with wisdom. 

Psychiatric problems in young adulthood predict lower earning, work and stability at age 30.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in young adults.

Healthy peer relationships are the major influence on adolescent outcomes.

Our Philosophy

At Psych Garden, we understand that young adults and parents both want the same thing – the freedom, and joy of youth; and the safety and direction of adulthood. We reunite the family system around the common goals. We work intensely with that young adult to bring out the best in them and help them overcome their challenges, finding their voice and identity while maintaining safety for the long haul.  

Our therapists are skilled in models of therapy that promote deep emotional transformation and behavior change. Our psychiatrists are not only prescribers, but skilled and experienced psychotherapists who take time to understand the whole patient and work closely with our therapists to provide the optimal combination of medications to support transformations occurring in therapy.  

We can also provide field coaching that will meet a client in their own environment, providing encouragement and guidance in lifestyle changes such as educational and employment coaching, budget and organization, healthy diet and exercise, social engagement, and accountability in personal goals. An array of groups will add to the client’s skills in self-management, self-expression and social experience.  

Finally and most importantly, Psych Garden believes in the family’s involvement in the client’s healing, and will engage with the family in ways that a young adult will find not oppressive, but helpful, working to improve positive communication and collaboration, while decreasing behaviors which might feel punitive or controlling.