Addiction and psychiatry treated with

respect, flexibility + a ton of knowledge

No one signs up for drug or alcohol problems. Some use for fun, others to manage pain but no one plans to lose control, forget their values or suffer. Things can feel so grim, hopeless, and shaming.

Does treatment have to feel that way too? “It’s my way or the Highway” “Come back when you’re ready” “Tough Love.” How’s that going to inspire hope? How’s that going to help?

You deserve to see someone who listens to your agenda, cares and knows what they’re talking about. We are experts in the treatment of addictions and psychiatry.

We use what the science tells us works, move at the pace you need, and are therapeutically ambitious.

We use harm reduction psychotherapy, moderation management, medication assisted recovery (like buprenorphine and naltrexone), contingency management, family approaches (CRAFT), CBT, DBT and many other approaches proven to be effective. You may ultimately choose abstinence but we won’t insist on that for you. Our goal is your health, relief, balance, and flourishing.

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“…I could count on you before I could count on myself…”