Psychotherapy & Psychiatry – (Telehealth only during COVID-19)

Individualized and expert care for you and your family.

Whether you come by yourself or as a family, we provide the finest care for anxiety, mood disorders, complex psychiatric issues and addictions.

We are a team selected for excellence, kindness, and dedication to deep and lasting change.

We listen to your values and work with you to make a plan that will change your life.

How We’re Different

What you've created here is really special and unique. I've been in therapies for 16 years but the progress I've made since I started here [a few months ago] is remarkable… the combination of your therapy - which goes so much deeper than any other I've had - with the meditation group, the case management and the medication changes - they've all come together... I cannot say how fortunate I feel to have found you all.


Each decision is a shared one. We do not insist on medications or abstinence or groups. After a deep evaluation we present a menu of options and get to work on what you feel ready and able to do.

We apply research-supported approaches including medication assisted therapies, family engagement and education, DBT, experiential and emotionally focused therapies, and others. We are guided by science rather than just doing things the way they’ve been done.

Our approaches are targeted, individualized and efficient, not meandering or venting sessions.

We help you change your outside world too: your friends and family may need guidance to learn new ways to communicate; you may need help with sleep, nutrition, exercise, work or study skills through case management.

The goal is movement towards health, and we foster that with empathy and patient guidance. This is the essence of a harm reduction philosophy, essential for a trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship with a therapist where meaning and drivers for use can be unwrapped and a new identity can flourish.

We will help you heal the trauma and pain underlying your behaviors. Medications, contingency management and real world changes are often needed too. We have it covered.

Our expert psychopharmacology can manage complex mood disorders, anxiety and serious addictions, working closely with the therapy as a team.

Our Philosophy

A place we’d send our own family.

A caring community that reaches for excellence, and works hard for transformation.