Psychiatry and addiction treated with

respect, flexibility + a ton of knowledge

Sure, we are experts at treating psychiatric issues and addictions, but you’ll never feel like a problem to be fixed. We see all those symptoms, compulsions and addictions as things getting in your way. Tough challenges to be sure, but ones we’ll navigate together to get you where you want to go.

We start with a thorough evaluation, where we dig deep into biology, prior treatments, things that have helped or hindered, and the precise symptoms that pinpoint diagnosis. Throughout, your goals and preferences are paramount, because if it doesn’t make sense and suit you then it’s not gonna happen.

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Psych Garden is…

Integrated – We are psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, family therapists and case managers. We meet together every day to figure out the best ways to help you.

Scientific – Medications should be just enough to draw out your strengths and facilitate change. We are expert psychopharmacologists understanding the power of a gentle touch and yet experienced in the most complex combinations.

Therapy should never be meandering or venting. It should be targeted, individualized and efficient. We are trained in specific therapies tailored to the person and the issue. We go deep with you, push you, because we know transformation is possible. We could stop at decreased symptoms or drug use, but we want change to last, so that you won’t need us in the future.
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Cutting Edge – A lot is known, but there’s a lot of rubbish on the internet, TV or even in the therapy offices. It’s a good thing we know what we’re talking about. We stay current, read the latest, are part of an expert community and apply all this to you.

Collaborative and flexible – You’re the expert on your values and goals and we need to make the treatment work for you. Dr. Green wrote an article on Shared Decision Making.
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Gradualistic and Harm Reduction – Is it ever effective to tell someone what they ‘should’ do? While abstinence is right for some, others can learn to moderate. Either way, everyone has to come to their own decision about this and no one needs to reach rock bottom. We accompany you as you figure out your ideal use plan, helping you stay safe, teaching skills to surf urges, and to manage triggers and emotions effectively.
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A Cost-effective alternative to rehab – Hospital-based detox are impersonal, uncomfortable and disruptive. Psych Garden can manage most alcohol, benzodiazepine, opiate and other detoxes in your home or with office visits.

While it’s easy to feel better in a luxury rehab far from the stresses of daily life, you return to the same realities. What’s more, rehabs often take people off protective medications like buprenorphine, so that relapses are far more deadly. Instead, you and your family can continue working with Psych Garden while you are at home, learning to cope with life’s stress, optimizing medications and living your life. Treatment is best in vivo, not in a bubble.


Integrative – Medications can facilitate change but are insufficient without therapy and action. We’ll work with you on diet, sleep and exercise and meditation.