Psychiatric and addictions treatment​
​​to stop the chaos, rescue your best self and restore attachments to people ​you care about.

Complex problems demand multiple and coordinated approaches. We are an integrated team of psychotherapists, nurses, doctors and life wellness coaches selected for a high level of education, and a dedication to helping you achieve deep and lasting change.

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Psych Garden is different…

We follow your values and vision rather than impose our agenda. From evaluation on, each decision is a shared one, with us supporting your movement towards health. We do not insist on medications or abstinence or groups but present a menu of options and respect your path to greater contentment, as long as you are safe and we are doing no harm.

We apply research-supported approaches including medication assisted therapies, family engagement and education, DBT, experiential and emotionally focused therapies, and others. We are guided by science rather than just doing things the way they’ve been done.

We know that internal change is often insufficient, so we focus on changing your outside world too: your friends and family may need guidance to learn new ways to communicate; you may need help with sleep, nutrition, exercise, work or study skills through case management. Success is motivating and real-world functioning changes identity.

Our psychotherapies are targeted, individualized and efficient, not meandering or venting sessions. Our approaches set clear goals and may change depending on success or failure, which we monitor.

When feelings are difficult to bear we naturally avoid them. But if we can’t sit with and use our emotions we become anxious, get into maladaptive patterns of thought and behavior and can’t function at our best. Avoidance may be due to painful or dangerous experiences including trauma, attachment wounds like neglect and abandonment, or because we become overwhelmed by powerful feelings. Psych Garden will help you to safely explore feelings you’ve stayed away from, challenge your world views and attain a new freedom.

A harm reduction philosophy is essential for a trusting and respectful engagement with a therapist. Confrontation and an insistence on abstinence can shut people down, and polarize and lose them. The goal is health and attachment, and we foster that with empathy and patient guidance.

Being attentive to the trauma and pain underlying your behaviors (including addictions) is necessary but not sufficient. Medications, contingency management and real world changes are often needed. We have it covered.

Our expert psychopharmacology and intensive team management means you have a cost-effective alternative to rehab. Psych Garden can manage most alcohol, benzodiazepine, opiate and other detoxes in your home or with office visits.